July 23, 2024

The Beaumont Heritage Society is committed to using preservation to educate and engage our community, reflecting on what we learn from history to create a better future for one another.

The Gilbert Building has seen a lot of history in its time in Beaumont. Built in 1902, the structure lived through the second Spindletop Oil Boom, World Wars I and II, economic upswings and downswings, and many more uplifting and ugly periods in our history. People have lived their lives in its halls. As a contributing building to the Downtown Commercial District, the building helps tell Beaumont’s story – our story, our history, and shared heritage. It’s not just about the building itself, but what it represents, and about remembering where we come from.

A building with this much history, over one hundred and twenty years, deserves more than a five-day demolition sentence. While we understand the need for action, we are hopeful that the City of Beaumont will consider all options that would provide for the shoring up and rehabilitation of the Gilbert Building in a reasonable timeline.

We recognize the implications this might have for surroundings businesses, commuters, and other stakeholders. We humbly ask for their support as a deeper investigation occurs into whether this important piece of our history can be salvaged.

This event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of preservation efforts for our historic Downtown and we hope this event will spur renewed interest in and support for preservation efforts as a community, so that we do not repeat mistakes that lead to the destruction of our historic resources.

Regardless of the fate of the building, Beaumont Heritage Society remains committed to the preservation of our city. We are ready to assist the City of Beaumont, in partnership with other organizations, to ensure that the links to our past that exist downtown remain standing for another one hundred years.

The Beaumont Heritage Society is a non-profit, organized to educate and engage the community through Beaumont’s history and heritage for a better future together. For more information, call (409)832-4010 or visit chambershouse.org.