July 23, 2024

Beaumont Heritage Society is devastated over the loss of the historic 1903 Gilbert Building. We are grateful to the first responders who kept the fire contained and preserved both lives and the surrounding structures.

Why is the loss of this building so important to our historic landscape? The Gilbert Building, a four-story Sullivanesque-style building, contributed to the National Register District downtown. Built in 1903 by John Gilbert, the wood structure was a testament to Beaumont’s past and could have contributed to its future with active reuse. Historic Preservation is necessary to create an active, vibrant downtown and requires the collaboration of all people in our incredible community.

We dream of a future where our City, in collaboration with its citizens, responsibly preserves and protects Beaumont’s heritage resources through the pressures of growth and redevelopment and supports creative opportunities that allow them to remain in active and productive use to prevent another tragic loss.

Beaumont Heritage Society’s mission is to engage and educate the community through Beaumont’s history and heritage for a better future together.